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Questions & Answers

1. What types of trips does Haitian Nomad offer?
   - We offer different types of trips: such as cultural tours, adventure travels & heritage trips.


2. How do I book a trip with Haitian Nomad?
   Once you identify a trip on our site that captures your interest, you simply click on it and follow the instructions to book with a deposit and pay off your trip via monthly installment payments that are automatically deducted from your payment method on file.


3. What is included in the cost of a Haitian Nomad trip?
   -Each Haitian Nomad Trip is different so it's important to read your trip's specific inclusion through the booking page. Most Haitian Nomad trips however will include: Accommodations, Roundtrip airport transfers, expert guides, All tours/excursions, Daily Breakfast, select lunches & dinners , Haitian Nomad staff , transportation to all tours/excursions.


4. Is airfare included in the cost of the trip?
-Your international airfare is almost never included in the price of the trip (except the mystery trip). It is each traveler's responsibility to secure their international  airfare. Our guests join us from all over the world, it is therefore impossible to offer a single trip price that would include airfare for  all guests.


5. Do I need travel insurance for Haitian Nomad trips?
   - Travel insurance is mandatory/required on all Haitian Nomad trips; this is to protect you and your investment from any last minute unforeseen cancellation and to protect you in case of any unfortunate accident or inconvenience before or during your trip. 


6. What is the cancellation and refund policy? 
U.S. regulations allow you 24 hours to cancel your booking for a full refund. Should you need to cancel for any reason after 24hrs from booking, all payments will be final, non-refundable, non-transferable. & no credits issued per the nature of this trip and Flights being non-refundable/non-transferable. It is advised that you purchase travel insurance immediately after booking to protect you in case of any unforeseen cancellation or accident. Additionally, you are solely responsible for securing your international flights, failure to do so and waiting until the last minute usually results in higher fares for which Haitian Nomad isn't liable and any cancellation as a result will not result in any credits or refunds.  


Haitian Nomad LLC reserves the right to cancel or postpone a trip due to extenuating circumstances.   Fees: On the 5th day of non-payment, you will automatically be charged a $50 late fee. Your booking will be automatically canceled due to non-payment  after missing 2 monthly installments and all previously made payments will be forfeited. Setting payment reminders remain your sole responsibility and in no way is Haitian Nomad LLC responsible for payment reminders.  As a participant on any Haitian Nomad trip, it is your responsibility to make sure you are in compliance with all country, airline or vendor requirements including vaccines and other documents. No refund or credit will be issued if you fail to obtain the required documents or if there’s a sudden change in country/airline requirements resulting in your cancellation.    All requests for cancellation must be received in writing via email at Cancellations cannot be made online.

7. Are there any health or vaccination requirements?
   -Each trip may have different health and other requirements, please refer to your trip's specific booking page as each country will have different entry requirements. We no longer require guests to be vaccinated against Covid19--however, should a destination require it, it remains each traveler's responsibility to make sure they meet all entry requirements.


8. What should I pack for my trip?
   -Before every trip, you will receive a document called "Know-before-you-go" which will detail everything you need to know about your trip including weather, packing suggestions, final itinerary and any and all important details about your trip. You can expect to receive this around 30 days before your trip.


9. Can Haitian Nomad accommodate special dietary needs?
   -We do our best to accommodate guests' special dietary needs but not all destinations offer options for extreme dietary restrictions.

10. Are there any age or physical fitness requirements?
    -Age: Our trips cater to a wide varied audience; we have guests from their mid 20's all the way into early 70's. Most of our trips are open to young adults/teenagers but for younger ones, we have started offering specific family trips such as our recent "Africa with kids" trip. Please message us if you wish to bring your child on a specific trip.


11. What is the typical group size for Haitian Nomad trips?
    -We offer so many different destinations that each trip will have a different dynamic--however, you can expect most trips to have an average of 14 guests, this gives us the opportunity to interact personally with each guest and leaves room
 for a more intimate personalized experience.

12. How can I stay informed about upcoming trips and offers?
     - Please make sure you're subscribed to our website's mailing list but also follow our social media pages on facebook and instagram.


13. Who will be my trip's host? How soon in advance will I find out?
     -We have a team of trained Haitian Nomad ambassadors who are all eager to offer you an unforgettable experience; you will find out who is assigned to your trip at latest 60 days before your trip's departure. We do this to ensure that guests are focused on joining for the experience and not for who is the trip's host.

14. Trip communication: How will I stay updated about my trip?
     -Each trip will have a Whatsapp group created specifically to keep you updated. We will open this chat for questions and important trip details and ask that you only use this for trip-related questions/details. Please keep all questions and communications through the Whatsapp group and refrain from contacting Haitian Nomad staff through their personal social media or personal means for trip-related inquiries.

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